A rare and revolutionary thing

It’s not often you go to the cinema and are able to say ‘I’ve never seen anything like that before…’, but that’s exactly what going to see James Cameron’s Avatar last weekend felt like to me. I’ve seen plenty of 3-D films before, including Beowulf, Pixar’s excellent Up, and the recent remake of A Christmas Carol, with Jim Carrey, but this was something entirely different.

Everything on the world of Pandora, where the film is set, has weight, depth, detail and sheer presence. The scenes where the characters are flying on tamed pterodactyl-like creatures are simply breathtaking, but most amazing are the sequences which follow the action through the forest, with the most fantastic and colourful detail, all richly and painstakingly drawn in CGI. It’s honestly no exaggeration to say that you both forget you are watching a 3-D film and that you could happily imagine you’re looking at a world that really exists.


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