The only safe format

So often the case that having made a decision to do a certain thing I find an article that gives me a happy sense that I did the right thing. Of course I’m completely confident that there have been many instances when the article backing up a decision made at one point in time directly contradicts the article supporting a decision made some other time, but I’m perfectly content in being fickle in such matters.

Today it’s a short piece in The Guardian marking Sony’s decision to stop producing floppy discs, which includes a couple of nice examples of where the authors of the data in question really should have stuck to writing things down in a book or on a piece of paper. Made me feel smug and satisfied about my decision to return to writing my diary in a good old-fashioned notebook:

The BBC made this mistake in 1986, when it created a digital “Domesday book” on – hah! – an Acorn computer and video disc player. By 1999, the digital book was unreadable; it took a team of researchersthree years to develop emulator software to unlock it. The original from 1086 is, of course, still readable now.


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