Writing in the margins

I’ve posted bugger all on this blog in the past couple of months. Partly because I’ve been, y’know, busy, but mainly because the thought of sitting down to write a ‘proper review’ of any of the books I’ve finished recently filled me with dread. On the basis that blogging’s supposed to be fun, I’m changing tack.

There are two reasons I like writing posts about books. First: it helps me to think a little deeper about what I’ve read. Second: however infrequently this happens, it’s nice when a post is the starting point for a conversation with someone. Tweeting about books is almost impossible, though, or at least saying anything remotely meaningful.

So I’ve come up with the idea – hardly radical – of a halfway house between the 140 character ‘look at me, I’m reading!’ tweet and the ‘I’ve finished this book and now I’m forcing myself to go back through it and have opinions’ post. It’s a version of what I used to do a while back (for example when I was reading Richard Ford’s The Sportswriter): excerpts, immediate reflections, quick comments. In short: writing in the margins.


One Response to Writing in the margins

  1. […] Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest is very big and very, very clever, and so writing marginal notes rather than attempting anything so daunting as a ‘review’ is particularly […]

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